About US

"Hygge" was found in 1999 with the admiration and confidence in the aesthetics and uniqueness of Thai Designer. HYGGE product always have character. Kanjana Armchair, one of the most beautiful and unique wooden chair that have been made and design in Thailand by Thai Designer. Ti Ju Seng Oui; our designer not only designed Ti Ju Seng Oui, we have to studied what is suitable and follow traditional, we look into Feng Sui to see what is the best number in term of measurement. 




"HOOG" later established under concept "Light, Smart and Friendly" this to fulfill need of customer. We believed that every users have different perspective. Thus, most of hoog product can be change material to maximise use of product. So, you may see our signature Plong Chair in many variety from red color in Rubber Wood to top grain leather seat or synthetic stone seat in Solid Walnut frame. 
HOOG is very flexible in material, we have material line from premium top leather to standard PU leather, fabric we gives optional to designer to choose whatever require, Glass, Ceramic, Mirror, Steel, Stainless, Stone.
We offer different standard species of wood; Oak, Rubber Wood, Ash, Beech



Our Factory; We have our own OEM ODM OBM factory in Samutsakorn. We offer all type of wooden machine from Band Saw to CNC Machine, this will create highest quality and allow to produce variety type of product.  Following video is presentation of The Making of the Perfect Chair at our Factory. 






We have 2 full system coloring factory; offer
Polyurethane Coloring process and UV process in highest standard
with Top color quality. We offer all required color